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Get involved in the campaign to elect Edward Pinchiff to the Huntington Beach City Council.  We need your support!

You can help by Making a Donation, displaying a sign, posting on Facebook, hosting a meet and greet, inviting Edward Pinchiff to appear at your event, walking precincts, and by generally spreading the word about Edward Pinchiff such as by talking to your friends and neighbors or by linking to this website from your Facebook page, blog, or other website.  More information on all of these options is provided below.

Email us with any questions, or use this quick “Get Involved” form to check a box, and we will get back to you.

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Donate to Campaign to Elect Edward Pinchiff


Please support the campaign to elect Edward Pinchiff by making a financial donation today.  An election campaign in today’s world is a very expensive undertaking.  Your financial support is critical and we thank you for your donation in whatever amount you are able to contribute.  Visit the Donate section of this website to make an online donation by credit card and for information on donations by check.

Endorse Edward Pinchiff

Show your support by using the handy form above to let us know that Edward Pinchiff has your endorsement.

Vote for Edward Pinchiff

To see if you are registered to vote, check the Orange County Registrar of Voters.  If you are not registered to vote, you can fill out a voter registration form online which you then print, sign, and mail directly to the county elections office address that is pre-printed on the form.  You also have the option to vote by mail.  For more information, see our page about voter registration.

Edward Pinchiff Huntington Beach City Council

Display a Sign

Display a sign at your home or business and show your support for Edward Pinchiff.

Just email us your address and we will drop off a small yard sign for your home or a window sign for your business.

Do you have a high vehicle traffic spot?  We have a large sign just for that purpose and we will take care of putting it up.

Host a Meet & Greet

Edward Pinchiff is always pleased to meet fellow Huntington Beach residents to answer questions or just share a cup of coffee.  You can host a meet & greet with Edward Pinchiff at your home or other convenient location.

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues for a couple of hours of enjoyable conversation, appetizers, and the opportunity to meet Ed.  We have plenty of experience hosting meet & greets and can walk you through organization and planning.

Follow Edward Pinchiff on

Follow the campaign to elect Edward Pinchiff on Facebook.  Just go to the campaign’s Facebook page at Edward Pinchiff Facebook and be sure to click the “Like” button.

Facebook Like Share

Spread the Word

Mention Edward Pinchiff in a post on your Facebook page or other social media page.  Your opinion matters and others will take note of your support.

Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues about your support for Edward Pinchiff.  Send them an email with links to this website and our Facebook page at Edward Pinchiff Facebook.

An easy way to do this is to use the ‘Share/Save’ buttons you see on this website.  Just click these buttons to share any website page or article with others using email or any of the popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Digg, and other sites.  You can also use these buttons to save a bookmark of any page or article in your browser favorites tab, or with any of the popular web-based bookmark services such as Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks, and the like.

Appearances at Your Event

Edward Pinchiff is very involved in the Huntington Beach community and welcomes the opportunity to appear at local events, social club meetings, and other gatherings to talk or simply say hello.  Send us an email if you would like to invite Ed to appear at your event.

Walking Precincts

Take a morning or afternoon and get outside to walk a precinct.  The work is easy.  Just knock on some doors and hand out literature educating the public about Edward Pinchiff and the Huntington Beach City Council.  We can provide you with flyers on Edward Pinchiff’s policy issues as well as the duties and responsibilities of the Huntington Beach City Council.  Hand these flyers out to neighbors, friends and colleagues.

Link to This Website

Link to this website from your Facebook page, blog, or other website.  You can create a text link such as “Elect Edward Pinchiff to the Huntington Beach City Council” or simply “Elect Edward Pinchiff” and link it to  You can also copy the “Elect Edward Pinchiff” banner graphic and put it on your site with a link to this website.

Subscribe to the Campaign News RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to the Elect Edward Pinchiff Campaign News RSS Feed and have the latest Campaign News delivered directly to your My Yahoo page or your favorite RSS Reader, or you can use the RSS Feed to have the News automatically show up on your website.